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World Cup story 1: Boniek from Honduras!

Honduras reached for the first time in their history the World Cup! We are in the summer of 1982, year in which the team from Central America participates at the final tournament. They won’t make it through the group stage, … Continuă lectura

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Austria, the 128-th!

The UEFA Champions’ League edition that is about to start will gather, as usual, 32 teams at the start of the competition. From all, one is at its first appearance in the most important competition from the continent: Austria Wien. … Continuă lectura

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Ronaldinho, the trophy collector

Ronaldinho is no ordinary football player. He is the type which resists in front of the spotlight all his career. No matter what happens. Since 1998 and until the very current 2013, the legendary Brazilian midfielder means something for football … Continuă lectura

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Tahiti new entry

Saudi Arabia, United States, Argentina, Ivory Coast, Denmark, Mexico, Nigeria, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Czech Republic, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Bolivia, Egypt, Germany, New Zealand, France, South Korea, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Spain, Iraq, Italy. It looks … Continuă lectura

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The ODD performance

Taking a look on the lists of teams which won the most national Cups in the most countries of Europe, we see names like Barcelona, Bayern, Galatasaray, Juventus, Manchester United, Olympiacos, Ajax, FC Bruges, Malmo, Marseille or Benfica. So, naturally, … Continuă lectura

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Chain of curses for the Wunderteam

It is said, that the first ever football team to practice total football was the Austrian national squad from the ’30. Not Ajax from the ’70, Milan from the ’90 or Barcelona from current days! No, Austria was it. All … Continuă lectura

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Real Madrid has English roots

In these days all TV channels and newspaper from Spain and from all over the World talk about Mourinho’s situation at Real Madrid. The Portuguese coach is about to fulfill his third season on the bench of the team and … Continuă lectura

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