Ronaldinho, the trophy collector

Ronaldinho is no ordinary football player. He is the type which resists in front of the spotlight all his career. No matter what happens. Since 1998 and until the very current 2013, the legendary Brazilian midfielder means something for football lovers. In fact, he means a lot! The debut from Gremio, first experience in Europe at PSG – a team which wasn’t at the caliber of the one Paris has right now -, the World Cup won alongside Brazil, the European domination with a magic FC Barcelona, the transfer to AC Milan… A short description of his prodigious career, until 2011. In that year, maybe even one earlier, something looked like breaking up and his prestige got lower and lower. He return to play in his native Brazil. First at Flamengo, were, despite being one of the best players, he didn’t impress. But he did impress a couple of days ago, alongside more modest Atletico Mineiro, squad for which he plays since 2012. Why? Because he help his squad winning its first Copa Libertadores from the history that started in 1908! In fact this was the second important trophy achieved by Atletico in its existence, after the first league obtained in 1971!


Still, for Ronaldinho the trophy means even more. Reaching 33 years last spring, the number 10 became the first name in the history of football which wins the World Cup, Copa America, the Confederations Cup, UEFA Champions League, the Golden Ball and Copa Libertadores. „This was the reason” for returning in Brazil”, said Ronaldinho after lifting the trophy above his head. And how right he is! Looking back at his career, let’s remember all his major achievements:

18.07.1999, Ronaldinho wins his first important international trophy, Copa America with Brazil.

30.06.2002, Brazil, with Ronaldinho in the team, becomes fifth time World Champion.

29.06.2005, The midfielder scores a goal in the Confederations Cup final, 4-1, against Argentina.

29.11.2005, the Brazilian is awarded with the Golden Ball for the only time in his career.

17.05.2006, Ronaldinho is named the best man of the UEFA Champions League final, 2-1 for Barcelona in front of Arsenal.

24.07.2013, after seven years of expectations, Ronaldinho completes his trophy collection with Copa Libertadores.

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