World Cup story 1: Boniek from Honduras!

Honduras reached for the first time in their history the World Cup! We are in the summer of 1982, year in which the team from Central America participates at the final tournament. They won’t make it through the group stage, but the two draws against Spain and Northern Ireland and an almost one in front of Yugoslavia, against which they lost 0-1 in the 88th minute, looks like great reasons for a national party. The historical moment was also enjoyed a lot by mister Garcia. In fact, many guys named Garcia celebrated in Honduras their countries achievement, but this one is a particular one. He continued to watch the tournament even though his country was out and he witnessed one of the major surprises of the competition. The national team of Poland reached the third spot at the end only because Italy, the future champions, beat them in the semifinals. Still, leaving behind Cameroon, Peru, Soviet Union, Belgium and France was quite a shocker.

Poland-Legends-Zbigniew-Boniek_882755All this was possible thanks to a group of great players, guided by the legendary Zbingniew Boniek. A footballer which impressed very much mister Garcia, even though the man was initially concentrated on his native country, Honduras, which also left a good impression. Two years past and the same Boniek won three major trophies alongside Italian giants Juventus Torino. Serie A, The Cup Winners’ Cup and the European Super Cup. In the same year, in Honduras, the wife on mister Garcia gave birth to a son. We are in September. Still with the fresh memories of the World Cup in his head and with the ones of Boniek even fresher, from now one his idol, mister Garcia took the decision: his son has to be named Oscar Boniek! Exactly, the middle name after the great Pole! Also, almost sure, his biggest wish would be to see his boy playing football at international level. Like Boniek appearing in the shirt of Honduras!

Oscar+Boniek+Garcia+Honduras+v+Guatemala+NUTDYa6zJDAlOnly a dream once, became true in 2005, when Oscar Boniek put that shirt on for the first time! By now he gathered another 90 (!) and so he’s been one of the most capped players from the history of his country. A country, Honduras, which also meets maybe its best period from all its existence. First, the qualification to another World Cup, in 2010, after 28 years. Five years from Oscar Boniek’s first appearance flew and he was for sure a part of the squad for the tournament. Unfortunately, he didn’t play a single minute there, but in 2014 the situation will be different for sure! For the third time in the history and second time in a row, the Central Americans, will play at the supreme tournament. This time, with Boniek in the squad. Not the one which thrilled mister Garcia in 1982 with his performance in the shirt of Poland, but his own son who now will try to fulfill the expectations of most people from Honduras who dream at a first World Cup victory!


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