Winning and scoring goals isn’t everything!

storiedisport-it3 Continuing the story of Jupp Heynckes – the player – we must talk about two incredible episodes in which Borussia Monchengladbach was involved in the ’70s, with the attacker in the starting line. Two games in which the Germans scored 19 goals (!!!!) which proved to don’t count in the end! Chronologically, the first event took place on 20th of October 1971. After winning their second league title in 1971, Borussia got the chance to appear in the Champions Cup. There, they wanted so bad to make a good impression and after putting out Cork Hibernians in the first round, they awake with Inter Milan in the second round, a giant in European football, which had already won two titles in this competition. But that 20th of October seemed like the best moment in the history of the Germans. A 7-1 crushing victory for the hosts, match in which including Heynckes scored two goals, look to secure by far a well-deserved and in the same time shocking qualification.



So big was the celebration, that an apparently insignificant detail was neglected. A Coca-Cola can hit Roberto Bonisegna, in the 29th minute, when the table showed only 2-1 for the hosts. The match continued, but at the end, desperate because of the result, the Italians made a complain. That idea proved decisive in the end, because the judges decide: the 7-1 victory would be canceled and the match must be played again! A shocker for all Borussias’ lovers! The only consolation was that the game should be replayed after the one from Milan, which was to originally supposed to be the decisive leg. But how can you concentrate when such a thing happens?! Surely not to well… The proof stays in the way they lost, 2-4 and despite qualification chances were still considerable, at home the former 7-1 transformed into a pale 0-0. A big drama for the coach, the players and the fans… And the impression that a small detail can turn upside down happiness and transform it into tears. This time, that detail took the shape of a Coca-Cola can


FUSSBALL Europapokal der Landesmeister Borussia Moenchengladbach-Inter...

Almost seven years forward from that black date, on 29th of April 1978, Borussia Monchengladbach was trying to win its sixth champion title. They were head to head with FC Koln and about to play home against Borussia Dortmund. A win is mandatory but the big problem is that, if Koln also beats FC Saint Pauli, all that counts is the goal difference and at the moment, Monchengladbach has a gap with ten goals less than Koln. So, it looks like an impossible mission as they have to beat Dortmund at more than ten goals difference!!! Especially because we talk about Germany, one of those nations known for the correctitude of its people! Still, the encounter ended with a devastating 12-0 win which is until now the biggest win of Monchengladbach, the worst loose for Dortmund and the highest goal difference between two teams in the history of Bundesliga!!! A match in which nearly half of the goals was scored by the same Jupp Heynckes! Five, to be more precise, including one in the first minute!


But can you imagine that this wasn’t enough for the trophy? Well it wasn’t, because Koln also took care to win their match with a sufficient 5-0 so that way they could achieve their third and last title until now! So, this way, two crushing victories proved to be useless in the end because of different causes. Still, from the total of 19 goals, Jupp Heynckes scored seven. The same Jupp Heynckes which now created, as a coach, maybe one of the most powerful team from Bayern Munich’s history!


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