What a shame…

skysports-com Because football became an industry as years passed and in our days the pleasure of playing and the respect for players decrease dramatically. All what’s important, money of course in this case can break even some apparently endless fairytales. It seems like the case of one between Chelsea London and Frank Lampard. The team which still holds the Champions League trophy showed the door to one of its symbols which happen to be the second top scorer of all time with exactly 200 goals in all official competitions and for a midfielder I can say that this is a lot! In fact, Lampard has the rest of the season to beat Bobby Tambling’s 202 goals. After that is impossible, because the Blues’ board decided not to offer Frank a new contract!


But stop, I don’t blame only the club! The main reason of the situation it seems to be one tight well to the contract value. Frank earns a lot of money at Chelsea and surely the club doesn’t want to extend the contract of a 35-years old midfielder in at least the same conditions. For me, this thinking looks fair enough, because even if you gave a lot of hard work and dedication for the squad, you can receive less than 12 million pounds, sum that Frank won in 2011, for instance… But no, no, no! I am not saying that he’s the main man to blame! Not at all! Of course, Frank should give away a consistent part of his salary for a year or two, as long as he wants to continue playing, but Chelsea must be more convincing. The club officials must insist and explain to Lampard why he should accept their conditions. They might even bag him to do so because he deserves this! All these methods are mandatory because, otherwise, the only message that they’ll transmit is that they just want to get rid of him!

West Ham

I mean, with him as a leader, Chelsea won three league titles (2005, 2006 and 2010), the UEFA Champions’ League (2012), the FA Cup (2007, 2009, 2010, 2012), the League Cup (2005, 2007) and the FA Community Shield (2005, 2009). A total of 12 major trophies from a total of 21 that the club from London won in its entire history! Well yes, such a player deserves even to fall into your knees in front of him and insist until he signs the renewal! This are only dreams! This will never happen and neither will Frank accept to reduce his salary to, let’s say, less than a half… What seemed to be the perfect marriage in football will probably end in an almost ugly way. A symbol player will leave his symbol club all because of the money… The disease that harms football more and more by years pass… But what is a symbol in our days?

Frank Lampard Sr.

Let’s not forget that before joining Chelsea, in 2001, at 23 years of age, Lampard was a four season key player for West Ham United, the big rival from London. For the ‘Hammers’ this was a huge disappointment and could never forgot Frank for his gesture. Especially because his father, Frank Lampard Sr. has the second number of all time appearances, with 674 matches between 1967 and 1985. 18 years!!! So, is this betray or not? It looks so, but football doesn’t care anymore about this things. Money is much more important! Don’t believe me when I am talking about the Chelsea – Lampard situation, than analyze what happened when Raul left Real Madrid… What a shame!!!

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