What if things were different for Suriname?

Soccer - UEFA European Championship 2008 Qualifying - Group G - Holland v Slovenia - Philips Stadion The Netherlands had always great footballers, on each position on the field, but in the last few decades, a big part of those had a particularity. They were born in Suriname and moved in Europe alongside their relative. Or, they were born in Netherlands, but from at least one parent with Surinamese origins. Yes, you know that this Suriname is a Dutch colony, but this doesn’t automatically mean that they must be also a force in football. And they’re not! When did you hear least time about a victory of the national football team of Suriname? Or, when did you hear last time that Surinam has a football team??? Well, they have, but with very modest results. But how would look like an all-time national with players such are those mentioned above? It sounds good, but I am afraid that this couldn’t be possible in Suriname.

soccerjerseysclub-com I mean, if this boys had grew up in Suriname, their chances of becoming the footballers they are or were, would have been close to zero! Can you imagine that all talented children in playing football for Suriname emigrated in Netherlands?! I don’t think so! Meanwhile, those who remained in their native country didn’t stand any chance in becoming a known name in football. So, the only consolation for those football lovers from Suriname is that a dream football team of Surinamese natives can be made without any problems and contain names that are known to be ones of top footballers of all time!

dream surinam

Players born in Suriname:
Andwélé Slory (right winger), 2 caps
Aron Winter (defensive midfielder), 84 caps, 6 goals
Edgar Davids (defensive midfielders), 74 caps, 6 goals
Clarence Seedorf (midfielder), 87 caps, 11 goals
Ulrich Van Gobbel (defender), 8 caps
Romeo Castelen (winger), 10 caps, 1 goal
Edson Braafheid (left back), 10 caps
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (striker), 23 caps, 9 goals

Players with Surinamese parents, born in Netherlands:
Ruud Gullit (midfielder), 66 caps, 17 goals
Frank Rijkard (defensive midfielder / defender), 73 caps, 10 goals
Patrick Kluivert (striker), 79 caps 40 goals
Nigel de Jong (defensive midfielder), 66 caps, 1 goal
Urby Emanuelson (winger), 16 caps
Royston Drenthe (winger, left back), 1 cap
Kenneth Vermeer (goalkeeper), 1 cap

All the caps are for the Netherlands national football team!

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