Spanish football school and its price

FC Barcelona and the Spain national football team are, at the moment, the best squads in the world. Even though their ‘composition’ isn’t quite identical, we can say that one essential fact resembles perfectly. This is ball possession! It’s not a secret for anybody that this style of playing coordinates both FC Barcelona and Spain in their great domination. Both of them won a lot of titles and practice a play that looks unbeatable. Logically, all thanks to the combinative style learned and exercised since childhood football. This is La Masia’s role, you well know! Thanks’ to this, Barcelona and the Spanish national football look like they conquered all worldwide success. But have you ever wondered what price had to be paid for this? Especially among footballers?! Well, it’s kind of simple! Because no matter how good they are, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Cassilas, Alonso, Villa, Puyol or Ramos aren‘t and could never be leaders! Stop! Read this until the end to saw what I am talking about.

Real Madrid v Barcelona - Copa del Rey Final

OK, so in their dressing room they surely are, but this is the entire thing. In the general perception of footballers and football lovers from all around the world, they are not such persons! I mean, a real team could not have more than one leader and neither does Spain nor Barcelona enter in this category! Even though it’s not a written or at least known rule, outside their football school, the fact that you are not allowed to claim any kind of favors in a team, if you want to achieve many trophies, medals and, in the end, a big slice of invincibility. Of course, my opinion might be pushed to a limit, but it surely has a big, strong core of this kind! And to explain clearly this I will start with a strong example. One of the first attitudes taken before Spain becoming a football force was to leave Raul Gonzales out of the squad. Without too many explanations, the 29 year old striker and legend of Real Madrid who was also the top scorer of the national football team, was never selected again to play for his country. This happened in 2006! Was this a wrong move? Judging by the fact that Spain won all important titles since then, it wasn’t. And I don’t even claim that it should have been! Still, don’t it’s strange that Raul was casted away so easily?


zimbio-com Well, you surely remember the stories about when Raul entered the dressing rooms both of Real Madrid and national squad, all team mates obeyed in one way or another. Absolute silence or even rising up! But why’s that? Raul seems a modest and decent man, but in the same time, a LEADER! How come? Doesn’t look like a typical charismatic person, which a leader usually is, but his way of living both his sports and personal life become a model for all his team mates. To resume, I can say a living legend! Because of this, for the good of the national football team, they considered that is better for him to end his ‘journey’. As a gentleman that he is, Raul never tried to oppose this decision… So, leaders are not for this kind of teams, because, in the general perception, they could harm the way to big performances. It’s an unwritten and unspoken fact, which functions very good for those squads, but for us, football lovers, sometimes, a magic touch or a crazy gesture of players such are Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Balotelli, Raul, Del Piero or Gerrard or like were, Zidane, Figo, Ronaldinho, Schmeichel, Ronaldo or Cantona. I know, winning trophies and practicing a combinative football looks like the ideal competitive story, in any sport, but a long period of only doing so and without that salt and pepper, necessary in all domains, football can get very boring, so this is why we need to see charismatic players. I’m not right? Well, remember then what happened to Ibrahimovic when he entered this group of Barcelona… 🙂


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