Vava, in front of Pele and Zidane

sejarahkita-web-idPele and Zidane don’t need any description and if I want to mention that they both scored three goals, in two World Cup finals, could transform into an insult for the knowledge off all football lovers. OK, you know this, but I can bet you will wonder a little if I’ll ask you who first done this. From the start, I’m telling you that there are only three names that managed this in football statistics. The mystery has one name: Vava or, if you want, Edvaldo Izidio Neto, his birth name on 12th of November 1934, when he first saw the day light in Recife.

bigsoccer-com Vava became World Champion twice in 1958 and 1962, editions in which he scored nine goals, from which three in the two finals, against Sweden and Czechoslovakia. A curious fact, because the striker only played a total of 20 matches for the national team of Brazil during which he put in 15 goals. He was a veritable striker, nick-named ‘Steel Chest’ and performed wonderfully in the shirt of sides such are Vasco da Gama, Atletico Madrid and Palmeiras. Also, for San Diego Torosa, a squad from the USA which appeared in 1968 and dissolved in the same year!

Unfortunately, Vava died at only 67 years, in January 2002 and didn’t manage to see his country’s triumph from Japan, the fifth in the history… So, many years passed from that moment and many more ‘disappeared’ since he become the first man to score three times in two World Cup finals, but nobody will forget this. He remains the first to do so and the only one alongside Pele and Zidane, two giants from the history football, but which can only equalize Vava’s achievement!

Vava - Brazil

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