Does Liga I deserve quality footballers?

footbal365-com I’m not referring, of course, of the Romanians ones, but those from other countries. Many say that in the Romanian championship foreign quality players come too rare. But how do you define a quality footballer, for the standards of Liga I? I won’t talk about exceptions such were Wesley, Spadacio, Teixeira, Thereau or Bozovic, but about two former players of Dinamo Bucharest. When Djakaridja Kone came in Romania, in 2009, was treated like a mediocre midfielder, but in three years he became one of the best foreign defensive midfielders which have played in Romania. So good, that Dinamos’ board couldn’t extend his contract, but the coaches preferred to keep him in the first eleven, even knowing he will leave the team at the end of the season.


He went on playing at Evian, in the French first league, but many critics laughed because he started on the bench and didn’t look like ever breaking through as a key player. But he did, once again, manage to succeed. Now, Djakaridja had only one step to become Africa’s champion, alongside with Burkina Faso. A national team that qualified a couple of days ago for their first Africa Nations’ Cup final! Nigeria beat them, but this matters less… Two years ago, when he chose to represent his grandparents’ country, him being born in Ivory Coast, he was told he made a mistake. Last year, also at the African Nations Cup, Burkina Faso was put off from the competition from the group stage and Djakaridja didn’t perform to good. In fact, he mostly stayed on the bench and when he entered, played hesitating. In a few months all chanced and Kone is a key player for his national side and club team.


mtnfootball-com1 Surely, his success came also thanks to those three years in which he played at Dinamo. Better and better, until he left. For free! A product of Romanian football left like half a anonymous, because some ‘experts’ transformed their wrong opinions in waves that swallowed a mass of football lovers from all Romania: ‘What a waste…’, thought, ironically, those… The answer came like a boomerang that crushed their ignorant heads. OK, this could have been a mistake, a management one, because this happens all the time and all over the World. But what do you say about Paul Koulibaly, Kone’s team mate from the national team of Burkina Faso? The defender was brought by Dinamo in the summer of 2012, but released after only half a year, even though his salary was a decent one for the club to support. It’s fair that he didn’t impose as a starter and when he played, Koulibaly made a couple of mistakes, because he is quite slow in moves. Also, when he came in Romania nobody heard of him, because he mainly played in Libya, a championship only for natives…


Still then, like also happens now, he is a constant presence in Burkina Faso’s defensive starting line. If we have said this, two months ago, we could start laughers, because Burkina Faso didn’t do anything notable in football competitions. But now, they are Africa’s vice-champions! Yes, a weak competition according to many ‘experts’, but still the number one competition in a continent. A tournament from which Burkina put out Zambia, Togo and Ghana, the last two after extra time and shoot-out, respectively! They played much more minutes than Nigeria, their opponents from the final against whom, by the way, they drawn in the group stage. So, did Koulibaly deserve to play in Romanian football, to get more chances? If you ask me, yes, but I consider that is better for him to leave, no matter where he will go, because Romanian’s poor tolerance and strong ignorance, doesn’t deserve him! Oh, I forgot, he made a big mistake at the only goal scored by Nigeria in the final… Yeah, right… He shouldn’t have tried to exit from defense to block an dangerous attack… It would have been better if he got on the goal line to wait, in the manner in which Romanian defenders are accustomed to do…


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