Special ability: playing football!

celebslists-comIf you heard about many huge football players who, in their career, occupied with great success many position on the playing field, surely none resembles to the one of Paul Breitner. The German which scored in two World Cup finals, a performance shared only with Zidane, Pele and Vava, started his career as a classic full back, position on which he wrote history for Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, in the ’70. Born on 5th of September 1951 at Kolbermor, a little village with less than 20 thousand inhabitants, in the south of Bayern, Breitner also won, as a left full back the European and World title alongside BRD in 1972, 1974 respectively.

planetworldcup-com The beginning of a dream story for a man which only gathered, until the end of his career, 48 caps for his national side with 10 goals scored, from which the two mentioned above. A quite big number for his position, but the most interesting part comes right now: after ’80 he appeared impeccable in the middle, as a box-to-box midfielder. So, after an indestructible defense line alongside Beckenbauer and Vogts, Breitner made an irresistible offensive couple together with Rummenigge.

futbolypasionespoliticas-com We all wonder how this can be possible… Such a change between two so different positions! But the reality is that the response is simple: when you know to play and love football, you can do it on any position and it isn’t necessary to only have speed, technique or discipline. Sometimes, the only thing you need, is that ‘something’ that makes you feeling football and play it at a high level no matter what! Want prove when it comes to Britner? Well, the fact that he scored in the ’74 World Cup from the position of left full back and in the ’82 one, as a box-to-box midfielder, says it all!

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