Jongbloed, a name for the history

wk74finale-nl In 1974 and 1978, Netherlands was the vice-champion of the World. No news until now, right? I mean, every football lover should know about this. But how many of you can name the goalkeeper which defended the goal in the two campaigns? I bet, not too many! Well, does the name of Jan Jongbloed say anything? Not really… It’s quite strange considering that he played 12 games at the World Cup! An impressive number for sure, but very strange because the goalie which was born 25th of November 1940 at Amsterdam only gathered 24 games for the national football squad! From those, a half at World Cups, between 34 and 38 years! Well, he kept playing until 46 (!!!) at Go Ahead Eagles but this is a story that interests less… What is really interesting is that Jan made his debut for Netherlands in a 1-4 loss against Denmark, in 1962, but after that he wasn’t call up until… 1974!!! So, a pause of 12 years and a came back with only a month before the World Cup from Germany, competition in which the Orange played their first important competitive final.


wikipedia-orgAlright, so Jongbloed played at high level without proceed all the natural steps. He played only for modest clubs like DWS, FC Amsterdam, Roda JC and Go Ahead Eagles, but these aren’t the only outstanding things when it’s about him. First of all, his high, only 1.79 meters didn’t recommended him as a goalkeeper, especially as one who reached as a starter two World Cup last acts. Second, at both tournaments, Jan played with a strange number for a goalkeeper: eight! But this wasn’t his choice, as the Dutch short numbering was made in an alphabetical order, 1974 and the remaining eight players for the tournament that was held four years later in Argentina kept their numbers. Jongbloed was one of them. So, the number problem, solved.

against Germany


Unfortunately for Jan, besides these funny happenings in his career, a worse won came as a struck in his heart. In September 1984, his soon, Erik had a match for lower division DWS Amsterdam. His father came to see him playing, but when the fatidic moment came he wished that he hadn’t been there. Or, best to say, that his son hadn’t been them. A quite annoying storm was stretching the nerves of the players and the electric phenomena could have frighten them because the field was a rudimentary one, without any conditions of avoid unexpected lighting hits. Still, few chances were that someone could get hit. The bad luck came in just a second though and Erik Jongbloed himself was struck by lightning. Desperate, his parent didn’t know what to do and neither did the medical stuff, because the youngster died instantly, writing another sad episode of how dangerous football could get when it is played on open pitch. A tribute that never had to be given…

10 eric jongbloed

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