The man with wool feet

gombfoci-eoldal-huAs football accustomed us, many footballers which play for a country have saw the day light on another territory and, eventually, at least one of their parents came from a total different culture. Such things were mentioned also on this blog, in ‘Football doesn’t have cultural borders!’ And again, I’ll give you another prove which certifies that things stay this way! Because the story of Sheu Han is at least as fascinating as is, for example, the one of Kevin Kuranyi. From your point of view, which culture, country and so on, do you think that this man represented? It looks so Mongolian, right? Especially if we take a look on a picture with the former midfielder!

But he has no kind of relationship with Mongolia! How could he have, considering that he is born in Mozambique, Africa, on 3rd of August 1953! A different continent and a very far, far country… What about the Asian obvious characteristics that he has? Well, it appears that Sheu has some Chinese ancestry! Exactly, he comes from two cultures which appear to have nothing in common with football. Oh, maybe one important thing: Eusebio. Also born in Mozambique, the former attacker played for Portugal and became one of the best players from the history of this country. And so, the same way was also followed by Sheu, even at the same club, at which Eusebio brought pages of glory: Benfica Lisbon. And if at national team level, Sheu didn’t appear in more than 26 matches, scoring a single goal, he did represent the ‘Vultures’ for 17 years! You know, that kind of famous one-club man.


To resist so much he had to be part of a winning team. Which he did, because in those 17 years he won an equal number of trophies! Nine league championships, six national cups and two national Super cups. Besides, he was the key player which helped Benfica to play a UEFA Cup final and a European Cup one in the ’80. Unfortunately, both were lost, but a big performance still remains. A very big one for the man which appeared in more than 450 official matches for the club from Lisbon… Oh, I forgot! You are surely asking yourself why I write, in the title the man with ‘wool feet’! We’ll, it’s not very hard to tell, but I’m doing my duty and explaining: this was his nickname because of the ball-controlling style.

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