Eternal substitute, but record breaker

zimbio-com1I am sure that the name of Archie Thompson doesn’t mean too much for most of the football lovers, but this Australian gained two personal performances which look impossible to be equalized soon, by other footballers. If Messi break Gerd Mullers’ record of 85 goals scored in a single year, he should ’attack’ now one of Archie… Joking, of course. The striker became, in 2001, the man who scored the most goals in an international match: 13! In a 31-0 win of Australia over American Samoa. In that game he was in the starting line-up, but this thanks to his coach’s decision who decided to rest a couple of key players which four days before seatled a World record: 22-0 over Tonga. Of course, the performance was overpassed and remained still in now days.

Melbourne Victory's Archie Thompson.

lierse-com Including because of this, Thompson earned a well deserved place in the first elven, but lost it quickly and, even though he appeared twice at the Confederations Cup from 2001, as a substitute, naturally, the attacker break his relationship with the national team for more than three years! Lucky for him, Thompson came back in time for other two important international tournaments: Confederations Cup in 2005 and World Cup in 2006. Again, only on the bench, he made it twice on the field only in the first competition. So, reaching already 28 years it looked quite difficult for Archie to achieve another record, such was that in 2001. In fact than he equalized one because before, in 1885, in a Scottish Cup match between Abroath and Bon Accord, which ended 36-0, John Petrie became the first man to score 13 times in one professional football game.


worldfootball-net Thompson was once again ‘forbid’ three years from the national squad, but in 2012 he also got another comeback. And this time it was a very promising one, despite Archie had already 34 years! Seven goals scored in only one year, after a pause of six seasons looks like quite a performance especially if we consider that in the 9-0 victory over Guam, Thompson netted one of the fastest hat-tricks in the history of professional football, between 59th and 64th minute. Impressing, right? Now, all what Archie has to do is to score two more goals and can set another record: the top scorer from the history of Australian national football team. Now, this title is in the hands of Damian Mori who netted 29 pieces. Thompson only reached 28!


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