A player representative for three countries of Maghreb

afterfoot-fr If your name is Karim Maroc (Morocco) and you play at a football World Cup under the colours of Algeria could become easily the subject of a successful book, but the full story behind this former midfielder overcomes all expectations. Born on 5th of March 1958, Maroc played for the Algerian national football team only between 1982 and 1986, 22 matches and three goals. Still, enough to catch both World Cups from that period, in Spain and Mexico, with a team that had in its composition a name like Rabah Madjer and which was, maybe, one of the best from the history of the African country.


Karim MarocAt club level, Karim made career at clubs like Lyon, Angers, Tours, Brestois or Montpellier, a natural thing considering that most sources say that he’s a France – born player! In Tonnay Charente, if we are speaking about the exact location, a tiny village on the West coast of France. Yes, this if we consider most sources, but if we take a look on a Panini sticker collection from those years, we can find a quite shocking detail: Karim Maroc, which played at two World Cups for Algeria, is actually born in … Tunis! Exactly, the capital city of Tunisia! Maybe it’s just a mistake of Panini… But considering that this doesn’t appear in only one single edition, makes me wonder if the mistake is not on the Internet, or on the most important sources from Internet, as afterfoot.fr agrees with Panini! Whatever the inconvenience is, a question remains: is somebody interested in hiding Karim’s origins and if yes… Why?!


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