One big football family

MichaelWhen you pronounce a name such is Laudrup, automatically yours’ taught goes to the couple of brothers, Michael and Brian, which are the best footballers from the history of Denmark. The first of them is the oldest and also the greatest Dane ever. More than a hundred matches for the national side, key player at teams such are Ajax, Juventus, Lazio, Real Madrid or Barcelona and a Confederation Cup won, aren’t enough, because in 1992, when Denmark won the European Cup, Michael was excluded from the squad after a intense argue with the team coach. Still, in Sweden, his brother was present and so a piece of the trophy was shared in all the family. Family? What family?


gonews-dk-msn-comWell, let’s see, because the two brothers aren’t the only ones who represented the Laudrup name in World football. Even though at not such level, Laudrup was a well known name from ’70s. Maybe you are wondering why Brian was born in Wien, in 1969. It’s quite simple: at that time his father, Finn Laudrup, was playing for Wiener Sportclub. Yes, Finn also played for the national football team of Denmark from 1967 until 1979, but taking in consideration the fact that in those times international clashes were much rare, he only appeared in 19 occasions for his country and scored six pieces. All, from the attacking position!


MadsSo, Finn, Michael, Brian… Is there more? Well, you can’t even imagine! I decided to write about this family only after I found about Andreas Laudrup. I said: ‘Hey, this must be one of the big Laudrups’ son!’ And it is. Michaels’, to be more precise… Born in 1990, at… Barcelona, Andreas follow a youth career at Lyngby and… Real Madrid! When this was complete, he went on playing at Nordsjaelland, in 2009. In only three years, he appeared in more than 70 league matches and scored eight goals, participating as a key player in the team’s first ever league title, at the middle of 2012. But wait! Finn was alone, Brian and Michael were two and now, respecting the tradition shall be three active Laudrups. And they are! Because Andreas has a brother. A half-brother. Mads is one year older and saw the daylight at Milan but failed, until now to play at a high level. All though he had the chance to play for FC Copenhagen in 2006, he couldn’t do more than appear at a couple of low-tier Danish teams. A quite atypical case in the family, considering all the others mentioned above.

NicolaiBut not the only one, because Nicolai Laudrup, the 24 year old son of Brian, failed in his career as he only appeared a couple of times for FC Amager, a club that was founded in 2008 and dissolved in…2009! In fact, this is another prove that football isn’t genetic transmitted in most cases and players such were Michael and Brian are hard to be found again in Denmark, even though a couple of Laudrups are playing. Meanwhile, the biggest success remains at Michael, who does a great job as a coach. After a couple of good years with Brondby Copenhagen and a fine job done at Getafe, he trains now Swansea City, one of the biggest surprises from Premier League.

Swansea City - Michael Laudrup Press Conference

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