Wake up, Felgueiras is the best!

cfr1907-ro I use to watch Mario Felgueiras playing since his arrival in Romania. At FC Brasov he made an extremely great impression in the 2011-2012 season with his multiple genuine saves. He wasn’t though a new sparkling name in European football, because, before coming at Brasov, he helped Sporting Braga to qualify for the 2010-2011 group stage of the UEFA Champions’ League. Unexplainable, he didn’t get any more chances to defend the Portuguese’s goal and was loaned on several occasions. In Brasov it seemed like it’s the last stop of this kind. A remarkable season in which he became the only player from Romanian football League that played all the minutes: 3060! Brasov ended only at mid table but his personal performances should have brought Felguieras a call up for the Portuguese national football team and, eventually, a place in the squad for the UEFA Euro 2012. But it didn’t happen so.


The goalkeeper was never selected to play for the first side of Portugal, even though he appeared at all junior and youth levels for the Portuguese, starting with U15 and ending with U23. The nearly 26 years old player (born on 12th of December 1986, at Viana do Castelo) still minded his own business. Not back at Braga, like it had been natural, but at CFR Cluj! His co-citizens didn’t even consider on loaning him again, but just sale him to Romania’s champions for only a half a million euro. So, Cluj took advantage of this opportunity and transformed him into a starter. Felgueiras improved even better than last year in the league championship, but especially in the Champions’ League, keeping two clean shits at Braga and Manchester United! Now, watching the game against Sir Alex Ferguson’s side I can’t ask myself WHY FELGUIERAS ISN’T BETWEEN PORTUGAL’S POSTS????


Judging by the fact that Eduardo, Rui Patricio and Beto are, at the moment, the options for the goal of Portugal for me it seems very unfair that Felgueiras doesn’t get a chance. In fact, I am sure that Mario is much better than any other mentioned above! Patricio plays at a quite modest team comparing to others from Portugal. Eduardo isn’t the same goalkeeper from the 2009-2010 season which impressed even at the national team – now he plays at Istanbul BB – and Beto… Well, Beto played last year in Romania… Won the championship with the same CFR Cluj, but his overall performances left many question marks, despite a few matches in which he played very well. So, considering all this, we should say that many decisions are unfair in all World football, including in Portugal. Oh, and if the things will remain the same, can we hope that he’ll play for our national football team? He said he might, a year ago, but considering who defends our posts right now, this is almost impossible to happen… You know what I am talking about. 🙂

Photo source: ProSport

And as a bonus, you can find here the first interview given by Felgueiras for a Romanian newspaper:


It happened near FC Brasov’s bus exactly after the away 1-1 draw against Rapid, on 10th of September 2011 when, obviously, Mario made a great impression. The article is in Romanian, but this shouldn’t be such a big problem. 😀

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