Brazilian three-banded armadillo

This is the complete name of the animal that ended up as the mascot of the future FIFA 2014 World Cup. There are many species of armadillo in South America, but this is, alongside with the southern three-banded armadillo, the only kind of animal that can roll into a perfect ball when it’s threatened. So, having this quality, surely the armadillo was the best option to become the mascot of the World Cup which will be held in Brazil in two years. But is not only that! This animal only leaves in Brazil, in the East part of the country, exactly south to the Equator and, most important, it is an endanger specie because 30 percent of the population disappeared in the last decade. So, with the occasion of this tournament, it is likely that all the struggles of those who protect plants and animals will increase considerably thanks to a World Wide media.

So, few things about football and many about this weird but in the same time interesting animal. And will consider by presenting this creature. Not very much, because otherwise I risk boring you but a few general things about the animal which will represent Brazil at the World Cup are necessary. First of all let’s say that his total length from its head to the end of its tale, measures between 41 and 53 centimeters and weighs approximately 1.5 kilos. The Brazilian three-banded armadillo has a very good defensive system, even though there aren’t too many natural predators to put them in danger. But their habitat is destroyed constantly and this fact explained why they become an endangered species. This armadillo has a diet based on ants and termites, thanks to their sticky tongue and their capacity to dig even at 20 centimeters. If the animals don’t find this, they won’t starve, because they can also eat fruits, worms, mollusks and carrion.

That’s about all major things you need to know about armadillo and from here will continue with some images, including ones of the mascots that ‘fight’ with this one for becoming the image of World Cup 2014. Enjoy!

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