Born in Sweden, breed in Kenya, bought by Manchester City, became famous in Netherlands!

This is the main part of the life story of John Guidetti, the top scorer of… Feyenoord! His 20 goals helped the Dutch squad to reach the second spot at the end of the season, a position that they didn’t achieve since 2001. But after, Guidetti made his luggage and left Rotterdam. To Manchester City! He wasn’t transfer there, he just returned after the loan at Feyenoord. The new champions’ of England brought him at the club from 2008, when he was just 15 years, to play at the youth level.

Born 15th of April 1992 in Stockholm, Guidetti begin playing football in… Kenya! Yes, there, at the Ligi Ndogo academy! The strange situation was generated by his father, who went to work in Nairobi, the capital city of the African country, with a school project. So, the forward took his first football steps there, but all ended in 2007, when he returned to his native grounds and signed a contract as a junior with Bormmapojikarna. Only for a year, because after came the move to City. In 2010, the ‘Citizens’ promote him to the first squad, but John only appeared in one official game for the actual England champion. That happened on 22nd of September 2010, against WBA, in a 1-0 win, game in which Guidetti gave the assist!

After, he was loaned in every year at a different side. First, at the same Bormmapojikarna, then at Burnley and in the 2011-2012 season at Feyenoord, where he touch top form as he gathered 20 goals in 23 league matches and helped the squad from Rotterdam to occupy a Champions’ League spot. The player also appeared at all Sweden national teams, from U17 to U21. But in 2012 it was time for his debut at the main squad. He could have made this step earlier, but the moment still seemed perfect, because could mean a call up for EURO 2012. So, Guidetti entered at half time, against Croatia, in the 3-1 friendly win. The event took place on 20th of February, at Zagreb. Replacing Elmander, Guidetti did a great job and after only two minutes gave an assist to Sebastian Larsson, who made the score 2-1. A brilliant performance for the youngster but not enough, as he wasn’t kept in the 23 man squad for EURO. A first big disappointment in career, but John shouldn’t forget that he has the great chance to explode at Manchester City, champion of England after nearly a half of century!

More interesting is that his multicultural evolution since 19 years is completed by the origins of his grandfather, who is an Italian, which explains the provenience of his family name! So, in few than two decades of life, Guidetti came in touch, in one way or another, with five different cultures: Italian, Swedish, Kenyan, English and Dutch. And if you think that his story is not interesting enough, learn that the strikers’ full name is
John Alberto Fernando Andres Luigi Olof Guidetti!!! Impressive, right? A fact regarding which even footballers born in South America may be ‘gelous’…

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