The opener – XIV, Robert Lewandowski

Euro 2012, the last competition from this category until our days, was surprisingly given to Poland and Ukraine. Romania’s neighbors from North were participating for the first time in their history at this competition and Poland for the second time. But at the first edition, four years ago, the Poles finished last in the group with only one point and one goal scored, by Roger Guerreiro, a naturalized Brazilian. So, no veritable Pole has scored for his national team at a European Championship and on 8th of June 2012 it was the perfect chance to break through. Poland was playing in the opening game against Greece, considered a very weak team by the specialists, and so Robert Lewandowski, the striker of Borussia Dortmund, took advantage of this situation and netted the first goal of the competition with a header in the first part of half number one. In the end, the guests equalized and so it finished 1-1.

This first modest result confirmed that Poland wasn’t prepare to play at this level, because they would eventually finish last in the group with only two points and two goals scored. Same spot like in 2008, but with double achievements. Maybe will work better next time. And are great chances to happen so, because Robert Lewandowski is now only 24 and so he has a lot of time in front of him. Even though very young, the striker already gathered 45 matches and 15 goals in the national team, starting with 2008, when he signed with Lech Poznan. Impressing there wasn’t very hard and so, after only two seasons, the team from Poland couldn’t hold him anymore and accepted the offer from Borussia Dortmund, in 2010. Arrived in Germany, Robert became a top player and contributed decisively at the performances from the last two years: two German titles and one national Cup, in 2012, a historical year for Borussia in which they won for the first time in the history both Bundesliga and DFB Pokal. In the same year, Lewandowski scored 30 goals, in all competitions for Dortmund, a fact that certifies his real merits regarding all those achievements.

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