Mutumbula from Lualuabourg

Mutumbula means assassin in a dialect from RD Congo, former Zaire, and this nick name is attributed to Pierre Ndaye Mulamba, who was probably the best striker from the history of the country. Also he was known as ‘Volvo’. Mulamba was born on 4th of November 1948 in Lualuabourg, now Kananga, a city which consists from more than 1.1 million inhabitants, on the territory of actual RD Congo. In 1973 he was a main player for AS Vita Club in the only African Champions Cup that they have won in their history, but the attacker is mostly known for his performances in the national team.

Ndaye appeared at the only World Cup at which Zaire participated, in 1974 and played in the entire opening match against Scotland, lost with 2-0. He also played against Yugoslavia, but he saw a red card when the score was 0-4, a little thing, comparing to the final 0-9! What’s most important from thise experience is that Zaire was the first ever country from Black Africa to qualify at a World Cup. Still, in the same year, before this tournament, Zaire won the second and last title of African champions, mostly thanks to Mulamba, who scored nine goals during the competition, a number that still stands as a record in this competition.

The African Nations’ Cup from 1974 was held in Egypt and the final was the only one that from the history, which was replayed. First, it was 2-2, after extra time, with two goals netted by Ndaye. Also, the striker repeated the same evolution in the next game and sealed a 2-0 win over Zambia, which brought Zaire the trophy. But Mulamba took two in the semis as well, where his country put out, with a 3-2 win, the biggest favorite of the competition: Egypt, the hosts. And this six goals weren’t all his achievements, as the attacker scored also thrice in the group stage, from a total of seven. Those goals assured Zaire two victories and a second place that let them pass through.

Despite being a national hero, in 1994, Mulamba was shot in 1994 in the leg, because robbers, which were actually soldiers (!), taught that he was carrying important sums of money, after he received a distinction in Tunis. And the bullets are still there… Two years later he received the status of refugee in South Africa, after running from his country which was surrounded by a war. Here, he hadn’t a great life at the beginning, because he couldn’t find a job and also he got problems because of drinking heavily. More than that, in 1998, at the African Nations Cup from Burkina Faso, a minute of silence was held, as there was information that Ndaye was killed in an accident from a diamond mine. He did pass through all this troubles and manage to begin a new life, by training local amateur teams by 2010.

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