And Buga scores!

A true champion doesn’t need any presentation, but I will describe the striker from Brașov anyway, because he handles the title of Rapid’s best scorer in European Competitions. He isn’t the most famous figure in our club’s history but he sure got his place there because, most important of all, Mugurel Buga is a true Rapid fan.

Born on 16th of December 1977 at Brașov, he played more than 200 games for his home town club, in nine years, before joining Rapid in 2005. He also played three games for the team from Giulești in 2000, but Buga did not impress then. But he did five years later when he was a key player in Rapid’s outstanding UEFA Cup campaign. Scoring four goals in a match against Sant Julia doesn’t sound like a great achievement, but one goal scored against Feyenoord, Rennes, Hertha and two against Hamburg mean a lot even for the Worlds’ top strikers. So, with nine goals, Mugurel was one of the best scorers of the 2005-2006 in European competitions. And he also became all time top scorer for Rapid in continental games.

This record will be increased in the next year. Buga started again with many goals in front of a week opponent, Sliema Wanderers, giving them three in two games. Not a great performance that, but sure was when he put it in with a heel kick over the goalkeeper of FK Sarajevo. It was his number 13. In the group stage it also come the last, when he scored an important away goal at Tel Aviv, against Hapoel, that helped Rapid to draw 2-2 at the final whistle. This result didn’t help them much as they left the UEFA Cup from that stage.

So Buga gathered 14 goals in 26 matches in two European seasons. The striker did not miss one single match that the team from Giulești played between 2005 and 2007 in the second continental competition. And neither he had miss the following two, against Nurnberg one year after. Buga played also against the Germans, but did not manage to put in another goal. Well, in fact we can say that an exact one goal at two games reveals that Mugurel is a fantastic striker, a kind of player that Rapid surely needs right now.

In this period, Rapid only lost three times (Stuttgart, Hamburg, Sarajevo), drew in ten occasions and won 15 matches! We can say that he also brought a lot of good luck for our club, but we also can say a thing that few know. Buga won his first European caps for Rapid in 2000! Number one was in the humiliating loss at Ashtarak with Mika (0-1), but what so ever, Rapid made it through as it won the first leg at home, 3-0. Liverpool was the next opponent and in the match that took place on Giulești, Mugurel came in as a substitute in the last 15 minutes.

30 games for Rapid and three for Brașov in the 2001-2002 season, including one against Inter Milan, made him a real hero in the European competitions with a total of 16 goals. Yes, he also scored for his home town team in the season I was talking about and he did it exactly in the net of the team against which he made his debut one year earlier: Mika Ashtarak!

Buga’s matches and goals in Europe:

2000: Mika 0-1 (a) – 57 minutes
Liverpool 0-1 (h) – 17 minutes
2001: Mika 5-1 (h) – 59 minutes, 1 goal (‘20)
Mika 2-0 (a) – 90 minutes, 1 goal (‘90)
Inter Milan 0-3 (a) – 76 minutes
2005: Sant Julia 5-0 (a) – 45 mintues
Sant Julia 5-0 (h) – 45 minutes, 4 goals (‘1, ’17, ’21, ‘30)
Vardar Skopje 3-0 (h) – 90 minutes
Vardar Skopje 1-1 (a) – 90 minutes
Feyenoord 1-1 (a) – 88 minutes
Feyenoord 1-0 (h) – 86 minutes, 1 goal (‘13)
Rennes 2-0 (h) – 71 minutes, 1 goal (‘69)
Shakhtar 1-0 (a) – 90 minutes
PAOK 1-0 (h) – 90 minutes
Stuttgart 1-2 (a) – 64 minutes
2006: Hertha Berlin 1-0 (a) – 85 minutes
Hertha Berlin 2-0 (h) – 90 minutes, 1 goal (‘73)
Hamburg 2-0 (h) – 90 minutes, 1 goal (‘88)
Hamburg 1-3 (a) – 70 minutes, 1 goal (‘50)
Steaua 1-1 (h) – 90 minutes
Steaua 0-0 (a) – 76 minutes
Sliema Wanderers 5-0 (h) – 90 minutes, 2 goals (’14, ‘42)
Sliema Wanderers 1-0 (a) – 90 minutes, 1 goal (‘10)
FK Sarajevo 0-1 (a) – 90 minutes
FK Sarajevo 2-0 (h) – 90 minutes, 1 goal (‘40)
Nacional Madeira 1-0 (h) – 90 minutes
Nacional Madeira 2-1* (a) – 120 minutes
PSG 0-0 (h) – 81 minutes
Hapoel Tel Aviv 2-2 (a) – 90 minutes, 1 goal (‘54)
Mlada Boleslav 1-1 (h) – 90 minutes
Panathinaikos 0-0 (a) – 65 minutes
2007: Nurnberg 0-0 (a) – 45 minutes
Nurnberg 2-2 (h) – 90 minutes

33 matches 32 in the starting lineup 2590 minutes 78,5 min/game 16 goals

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