The king of Inter-Cities Fairs Cup

Once upon a time there was a competition that gathered teams from all around Europe, that didn’t need to fight for qualification. They just got invitations to compete. Yes, I’m talking about the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, the tournament in which the UEFA Cup and now, Europa League, has its origins.

It wasn’t a competition organized by UEFA from 1955 until 1970, when it official changed its name. I have talked about the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup before (see: Cupa Orașelor Târguri și cei 16 ani de existență, also on my blog), but I did not mentioned nothing about the all-time top scorer of this competition. Waldo Machado was a Brazilian striker that whore the shirt of Valencia, a team which he managed to win two consecutive titles in this competition, in 1962 and 1963.

The forward made 50 appearances in this competition and scored during this time 30 goals. Born on 9th of September 1934, Waldo only played five games in the national team of Brazil, scoring just two goals so that’s why few have heard about him. But was he such a small name? The answer can be only given by you after you will read the following rows… Before joining Valencia in 1961, he have played seven years for the famous team of Fluminense. And he did there a great job as he gathered not less than 403 matches in which he put in an impressive number of goals: 314! This unique achievement made him the best top scorer in the history of a team that has three national titles and at which played well known footballers like Romario, Rivelino, Deco, Derlei or Juliano Belleti.

He left the club from Rio de Janeiro when he was 27 years old and joined Valencia where he will eventually play for nine years. Besides his performances in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, Waldo became also top scorer of the 1962 competition. He has 216 games in the Primera Division, a competition that he liked very much if we consider that he scored 117 goals, which means more than one piece in two games. Waldo is the second all time top scorer of Valencia in the national league, after Edmuno ‘Mundo’ Suarez but in front other great names such where Kempes or Fernando.

Waldo hasn’t won any national title but he did won a Copa del Rey in 1967, another competition in which he scored many goal. You can say that 13 aren’t so much, but when you put them in only 30 matches it is quite a performance.

He did played only five matches for Brazil but a main cause was that he left in 1961 to play in Europe. All five of them took place in 1960, and to be more precise let’s say that he whore the national team’s equipment only from May 1960 until July, the same year! Waldo did not played but two months for Brazil and he scored just two goals, both against Chile in a 4-0 win. And, as a curiosity, let’s say that in all five games in which he was on the pitch his national team won, including 7-1 once, against Malmo FF, the Swedish team that after 19 years would became runners up of the European Champions Cup.

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