He’s one crazy guy!

Many times, kids that grew up among the supporters of some team end up playing for that side and in some cases they even become a big name. The best example is Cristian Săpunaru from Rapid. Yes, again Rapid, because this name means more than a club. Not like Barcelona, but still the fans from Giulești know what I am talking about.

But a special situation is the one of Marius Șumudică. As a child you may be crazy about a team, but if you play football, could you refuse an concrete offer from a rival club? Few can resist this temptation, but one of them surely is the man mentioned above. He started as an attacker at Sportul Studențesc and when he reached the age of 25, in 1996, he signed with Rapid București, the squad that he loves more. He played there only 12 games at the beginning and scored only once and so he returned quickly to the team from “Regie”. He stayed there even fewer as Rapid called him back. Between 1997 and 1999, Șumi made a great performance and netted 25 goals in 58 league matches, becoming the teams top scorer in the 1998-1999, when they won their second title. After that achievement, Marius left Rapid and put his signature on a contract with the Portuguese side, Maritimo Funchal.

After two seasons there, Șumudică returned to Rapid for the third time. He remained in the squad for only a season, because at the beginning of the 2002-2003, new coach Mircea Rednic advised him to leave the team as he thought Marius was too old. He was only 31…, but as the club won the title at the end of that year that incident never seemed very important.

When he stopped playing, Marius went for a coach career and he always claimed that he only dreams to train one team: Rapid București. Eventhough the board of the club laughed many times of his intentions, his results from Gloria Bistrița showed that he deserves to be given a chance to show what he’s got. And in the summer of 2010 he got the job. After eight years, Șumi was back on “Valentin Stănescu” Stadium. He obtained satisfying results, but most of all he shocked with his attitude. He threw himself into snow bank, he wears a club scarf around his neck at every game, after a goal he ran to celebrate with the teams fans and after that he kissed the referee that just sent him off. He even chanted with the fans while he was on the bench, during a game. Those gestures made him appear in all the international press but also convinced us that he is a true “rapidist”. He doesn’t have too much experience but sometimes prove to have excellent ideas. He made Rapid play with short passes and he is one of the few trainers that can start with a different system and line up in each match. Obviously that tactic doesn’t always work, but Șumudică deserves time. All the time he needs in the honour of all the good things that he brought up for this team.

Unfortunately, after a shocking 0-1 defeat against Sportul Studențesc, on 26th April, Șumudică was sacked. The match was held on Giulești Stadium and it meant the first los for Rapid in the last 13 months! More than that, the away team did not manage to win a single game in the previous 14 away matches in this season of Liga 1. They lost 13 and draw once… But Marius will be back, because he is not the one to blame!

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