The vice-president goalkeeper

Now, Răzvan Lucescu, is the manager of Romanian national football team, but he used to train with great success Rapid Bucharest. More than that, Lucescu even played a full season for the club from Giulești.

It is well known that Răzvan is a big supporter of Rapid and the fans of the club love him most because of the period in which he managed the team. Between 2004 and 2007, Lucescu won two Romanian Cups but most important, he achieved the clubs’ biggest performance in the European competitions. When he was an active footballer he played as goalkeeper, even though he was only 1.77 meters tall. He played for Rapid in 26 games in one season (2000-2001) and after another year he retired from the pitch. He became the vice-president of the club from Giulești but he did not neglect his fitness. Lucescu jr. continued to train and it seemed like he had a feeling. In the 10th game week of the Divizia A 2002-2003 season, both Rapid goalkeepers, Dolha and Ionuț Curcă were injured and so the manager Mircea Rednic made a desperate decision and started the game on home ground with Lucescu between the posts! The club from Bucharest was in first place, but in the last match they had lost on Steauas’ pitch so the clash with FC Argeș looked like a tough one. Rapid did win with 1-0 and the temporary goalkeeper did a good job. That was the last game when Lucescu had ever played on a football ground and even though he made only one appearance in that season, we could say that he brought a little contribution for Rapids’ third Romanian title.

After only one year he took the manager seat and stand there until 2007. In fact, Răzvan is the last trainer that brought happines to the people of Giulești. He won the championship as a player and the cup as a manager. It seems like I’m exaggerating? Maybe, but the truth is that Lucescu jr. had legally played in that 2002-2003 season!

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