A new football star

Barcelona has Messi, Real Madrid has Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United has Rooney. But this year, despite the individual performance of the first two and despite the performance of Spanish football, a man managed to shine on the soccer scene. Young Gareth Bale of Tottenham, became one of the most popular players of 2010.

He first helped the club from London to achieve a 4th place in Premier League at the end of 2009-2010 season, by breaking the famous “Big Four”. That place permitted Spurs to play in the UEFA Champions’ League group stage. Here, Bale played very well, until the third round, when he scored three times against Inter Milano, on Giuseppe Meazza. Despite, Tottenhams’ lost the young player from Wales became almost a star. This success was doubled by another remarkable game at home against the same opponent. Even tough didn’t score any goal, he was the key player of a 3-1 victory. The English club embarrassed the League Champions and all thanks to this wonderful young player.

Gareth keeps on playing good and scored at the end of the first part of this season a couple of decisive goals in Premier League. At only 21 years old he might become a better player than the legend Ryan Giggs. An argument to this thing is his unbelievable way he stands on the pitch. Despite starting his career as a left wingback, he can play as well on the position of left wing, or even as left forward.

He is a very good free kick taker, has a unique ball control and can run very fast. Even if he doesn’t use complicated skills, he can overtake by dribbling almost every opponent and can shoot very well from every position around the goal square. Many times, goalkeepers have to pay a lot of attention, because otherwise they won’t stand a chance if the strike is on target.

Some people even compared him with Messi, saying that he is only 21 and definitely in two years will be at the same level as the Argentine player. It’s hard to tell if that will happen, thinking only that they have different playing styles, but I’m sure that Gareth Bale could become one of the most important players of his generation. He shall be so, and Tottenham might become one of the strongest football clubs from all Europe, because it’s unlikely that they will let the player sign with another club that easily. So, along with Van Der Vaart and Modric, Bale can even bring the first title for Spurs after more than a half of century.

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3 răspunsuri la A new football star

  1. Dominic zice:

    Sincer, pierzi vremea cu asemenea articole, macar de le-ai scrie singur, si nu adaptate de pe alte site-uri.

  2. roxy-i zice:

    un foarte bun jucator, cand imi amintesc ce facut contra lui Inter……………….
    ce-mi place la el e ca pe langa viteza extraordinara pe care o are mai si are un foarte bun control al mingii; dupa cum ai spus si tu cand ne gandim ca are doar 21 de ani……..

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